Elementary School (6-12)

We continue to enroll to the Elementary Montessori School children aged 6 to 9 years. We accept only children with experience of attending Montessori facilities. Please call us to get information on tuition fee and one-time charitable contribution: +38

To enroll to our Elementary School, please send to our e-mail: @gmail.com your full name, contact phone number and information about your child’s age. In the subject line, please indicate “Enrollment to Montessori School”. Upon receiving your e-mail, we will send you more information on enrollment conditions.

General information


Students in our Elementary Montessori School “UMI” study under the program for children aged 6 to 12 years, which allows the child to reveal, classify and investigate all fascinating concepts in each learning area. The child forms fundamental knowledge in each area using special Montessori materials that help to master specific skills of everyday life, languages, mathematics, geometry, botany, zoology, geography, astronomy and history.

In our school, children acquire necessary knowledge and skills by working with unique didactic materials, various information sources and conducting independent experiments and researches.

The main task of the Montessori School is to allow the child to learn independently, to develop self-discipline and patience. University or school will not be able to help if the child is not able to study independently or does not want to study at all.

Students study individually and in groups at specially prepared environment. Our students learn foreign languages in the classroom and in the process of free work. Many additional classes are covered by the tuition: choreography, music, theater and foreign language classes. Also there is an opportunity to attend aikido, soccer and tennis classes subject for a separate fee arrangement.

The school is equipped with playgrounds and sports grounds. There is a sports hall, a bike park and other equipment. In summer, students can express their creativity in the garden beds and in winter there is plenty of opportunity to take a ride on a sled. During the academic year we organize thematic excursions and Kiev national puppet theater regularly visits us. Also children enjoy staying at our summer camp.

“The teacher’s task is first to nourish and assist, to watch, encourage, guide, induce, rather than interfere, prescribe or restrict. This is the new way, new education direction”
– Maria Montessori

Advantages of the Elementary Montessori School “UMI”

  • Montessori system has a century of success
  • Individual approach to each child
  • Freedom of development and creativity
  • Sensory integration room
  • Additional classes that are covered by tuition: choreography, music, theater and foreign language
  • Schedule for 11 hours (from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • Organic meals – 3 times a day and snacks – 2 times a day
  • Large playground (0.5 hectares)