Kindergarten (1.5-6)

We have opened an additional kindergarten group for children aged 1.5 to 4 years. Please call us to get information on tuition fee and one-time charitable contribution: +38

To enroll to our private Montessori kindergarten, please send to our e-mail: your full name, contact phone number and information about your child’s age. In the subject line, please indicate “Enrollment to Montessori kindergarten”. Upon receiving your e-mail, we will send you more information on enrollment conditions.

General information

Детский сад (3-6)_3

Enrollment of children – from 1.5 to 5 years old

Working days – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.

Working hours – from 07:30 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Meals – 5 times a day (only organic products)

We practice Montessori system, during our classes. In our Montessori kindergarten, your child will learn responsibility, mutual help, also how to make choices and take responsibility for own decisions.


1. Montessori classes (main activity) – every day

The classes help children to develop independence. Children are free to choose the material that is necessary for their internal development. Free choice of material helps to achieve significant results later in life. We have a full set of Montessori materials for the development of children aged 2 to 7 years. Individual work with materials takes place in a prepared Montessori environment divided into special areas. Below are some examples of development areas:

Sensory area: child trains his feelings and studies not only to distinguish different sizes, but can even feel them by touching.

Mathematics area: children work with math materials, designed for kids from 2 to 8 year old.

Language area: we have many materials that will help your child to learn Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Cosmos area: your child will master the basics of natural sciences, physics, biology, zoology, geography.

Practical life area: children learn all the necessary skills of practical life and basics of social relations. For example, kids squeeze orange juice, slice bananas and after that share and treat each other. Usually such small politeness creates friendship.

2. English classes – every day

Qualified specialists of our Montessori kindergarten communicate with children in English in a Montessori class, outdoors and give classical frontal lessons. These classes and live communication give your children a good basis for successful mastering of English at school and university. Upon a separate request, we may organize additional English lessons, if group is formed.

3. Creative classes – every day

Working in this area, as well as during the special group creative activities, develops fine motor skills, creative thinking and aesthetic perception of the world. At any time children may choose to:

  • draw with crayons, watercolors, finger paints
  • draw using a stencil, straw, foam sponge
  • model clay and salt dough
  • cut objects from paper and glue paper
  • practice appliqué and origami

4. Music – every day

Musical development is very important for the kids, thus every Montessori lesson ends with elementary music performance, dances and songs. We use Carl Orff and Kindermusic approach in teaching music. In addition, children attend choreography classes, which are held 2-3 times per week in kindergarten.

5. Physical Education – every day

Physical education is conducted in a special room with a “dry” pool, a climber, an exercise bike, soft construction cubes, etc. Also, we have outdoors classes – twice a day children have outdoor walks and exercises at the playground.


Small playground is surrounded by the walls of the two-floor building from the three sides, which eliminates drafts and enclosed by a fence and provides security. Playground is equipped with a sandbox, slides, climbing frames, swings, ropes, rings, bars, etc. There is a safe trampoline, where children can have fun all year round. There are also many kinds of transport: cars, bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. In summer, we have a children’s pool, a hammock, and a blanket on the grass to lie in the sun.

Large playground is surrounded by the fence and equipped with the same items that are used at the small playground. This playground is used by children 4-6 years old and it is 7 times bigger than the small one.

Winter playground -here kids can play even if it rains, there is slush or heavy snow outside. Children enjoy cozy wooden house with benches and a table, where they can shelter from bad weather and play role games.

Zoo and garden – it is very important for children to learn how to take care about animals, to sympathize and to be careful to nature, thus, our children take care of animals in the mini zoo and plants in the garden and the flowerbeds in the yard. Our kids love to feed the chickens and rabbits and in winter they also feed wild birds.


We ensure tasty, healthy and balanced meals five times a day. Our private Montessori kindergarten has its own kitchen and a cook, who shares our care about the proper nutrition of children.

The menu is accurately compiled and food products are carefully picked. Our menu was developed with the help of specialists of the Institute of Human Ecology. Every two weeks we post our updated menu on the closed Facebook page, so that parents would know child’s daily meals.

For cooking we use only organic products, a 100% quality flax oil, milk thistle oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and olive oil are used. Instead of synthetic and harmful food additives, we use only natural supplements (healthy sesame seeds and flax, sea salt, etc.). For many years, healthy bread from wheat flour without yeast on natural leaven has been baked. Kids eat only dietary turkey, rabbit meat and fish. At the same time, we have a special menu for vegetarians. There are many dishes from  various cereals, including germinated cereals.

The kindergarten has a purchased purifying equipment, which structures the water, enriches it with oxygen and makes it “alive”. Kids are happy to drink such water, fruit drinks and teas based on it. We have water dispensers in each group (children are getting used to drink and pour water into a glass without assistance). Also we make fresh juices from apples, pumpkins, carrot, etc.

Rest time

Each child has individual beds and a bed linen. Children sleep in a separate room under quiet classical music. If the child does not want to sleep he may continue classes, go to the library zone, go for a walk with the teacher or simply rest for 30-40 minutes to gain energy.

Health care

When accepting children in the morning, our medical worker checks absence of high temperature, snuffle, cold and health complaints. Every day before classes our rooms are treated with bactericidal lamps and air is ionized. All our rooms have:

  • Bactericidal lamps
  • Ionizers
  • Ozonizers
  • Humidifiers
  • Hydrometers


  • 900 sq.m of premises with full sets of Montessori materials (more than 400 unique items). Our kindergarten is located in the yard, on the outskirts of the city, so the air is much cleaner here
  • 3000 sq.m of outdoor territory for walking (with an impenetrable fence and security locks)
  • High ceilings and low window sills
  • The furniture (chairs, tables, toilets) that is adapted for children (furniture of small size)
  • Plasma TV-sets for demonstration of training programs
  • Electric boilers
  • An entrance door with a thermal curtain
  • Heated floor
  • Air conditioning (for air heating and cooling)
  • Heaters (new generation that do not create dry air)


Qualified Montessori teachers always help children to work with materials, teach children to respect each other and appreciate friendship. Montessori teachers also monitor individual development of each child. Our specialists constantly improve their skills and attend numerous Montessori trainings.


Our parents are members of our friendly team. We organize celebrations, tea parties, show performances and sing songs. Children in our Montessori kindergarten do not just study, they also enjoy their time, visit each other, go on trips and participate in the festivities. We expect our parents to:

  • Attend class meetings, our lectures, master classes and seminars for parents
  • Familiarize with useful information posted on our closed Facebook page
  • Complete teachers’ tasks
  • Follow Montessori principles at home
  • Engage in the child development process

We organize individual meetings with parents every six months. During such meeting parents learn in detail about the results of their child’s work in a Montessori classroom, his development areas and successes, relations with peers and also get pictures and video of their children. At our kindergarten parents may be present at our classes.