We invite you to visit UMI Montessori school and get acquainted with the Montessori system. This system for over a hundred years of existence has proven its versatility for all children. Maria Montessori created hundreds of learning materials that are successfully complemented by her followers and children themselves. The environment at our school corresponds to all standards for Montessori spaces, and it is organized on the basis of a large number of new and high-quality Montessori materials.

Our advantages:

  • It is located in the newly renovated, bright, spacious building of the former kindergarten (two floors with a total area of 900 sq.m ), that corresponds to the international standards for Montessori spaces (minimum of 5-8 sq.m. of working-playing area per each child)
  • It is under the patronage of the leading Montessori experts
  • Professional teachers, who are certified and trained to work with Montessori materials
  • Full set of the Montessori materials (availability of all materials will ensure your child’s full and harmonious development. Lack of certain materials will not produce the desired result)
  • It is specifically adapted for safe and creative stay of children aged 0-12
  • High ceilings, floor heating, disinfection lamps, air ionizers and humidifiers in the rooms provide a healthy environment and prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Our Principles:

  • To serve children and uncover their inner teacher
  • To realize that every child is a talented and creative individual
  • To respect each young member of our society and accept him
  • To understand the national, cultural and religious specifics
  • To explain that the spiritual development and self-realization of children take place only during interaction of parents, teachers and children
  • To enjoy working with children, children are our future and it is beautiful!

Our Objectives:

  • To help the child to fully realize his potential
  • To develop child’s sense of independence, independent thinking, respect for others, responsibility and leadership
  • To create conditions for the child’s development in accordance with his individual pace and biological rhythm
  • To observe the independent work of the child and to help him only if required
  • To promote the development of the initiative in the choice of materials
  • To encourage the development of self-discipline skills in children
  • To make the parents the members of our team and get them excited about the educational process
  • To continuously improve our professional and personal level
  • To make each child happier
“Success in life depends on a self-confidence born of a true knowledge of one’s own capabilities; combined with many-sided powers of adaptation – in fact on what we have called “valorization of personality”
Maria Montessori