• Get the Certificate of Montessori Teacher 0-6 of the Dutch Montessori Association (the NMV) that was founded by Maria Montessori in 1917. Training is divided for 5 parts (25 days in total). Training starts on 09 April 2018. Read more at

  • We invite children (age 2-4) to a newly opened group of kindergarten
  • We continue to accept children (age 6-9) to our Elementary Montessori School


We dream about a world of people realizing their full potential”


We dedicate ourselves to humanitys quest for realizing its full potential through innovation in education”


  • To create an education complex for preparing trainers and teachers of the former Soviet Republics, using innovation in education
  • To change the education system in Ukraine by implementing progressive teaching methods in schools and kindergartens (shift to innovation and individual approach)

Current activity:

  • Education trainings
  • Montessori School:
    • Part time groups
    • Kindergarten (2-6) 
    • Elementary School (6-9)
  • Distribution of learning materials

We created our organization fully realizing that education of children is the ultimate mission. An appeal to Maria Montessori’s legacy is not accidental, since she believed that the child and his life journey have highest importance for mankind.

It is difficult to find the key to the child’s heart and soul, but it is doable if you follow the Maria Montessori’s approach. The main idea of her system is teaching the child to communicate with his inner teacher, the inner “I”. The external teacher’s task is not to discourage, but to develop this ability.

Consistent and step-by-step education of a child during his first 7 years of life helps to create the inner order, which protects the child from the outside chaos for many years. After growing up, such child will always be confident and triumphant and will not be afraid of any challenge.

Join us if you care about your children and an entire generation, since even one person can change the world!