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International Cooperation

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The Dutch Montessori Association (NMV) was founded in 1917. One hundred years later the NMV has 544 Institutes as members with 56.373 Students from 0-18 years. To that there are 6 Colleges / High schools where teacher trainers are located and give the Montessori teacher trainings.

As part of our international cooperation program we established friendly relations with the NMV. We are always happy to welcome in our school drs. Elisabeth C.J. Mattijssen, who holds position of a board member of the NMV. Also we are grateful that the TEP 0-6 Course (Teacher Education Program) was held in our school under auspices of the NMV.


Mr. Floor Vermeulen (the Head of the NMV) with the first UMI’s logo

Board Meeting of NMV

Planning of NMV’s work for the year


VIVID Onderwijs (the Netherlands) specializes in implementation of educational innovations and it is a member of the Dutch Montessori Association (NMV) and the Montessori Europe (ME). This company developed many Montessori Trainings that are certified by the NMV. Starting from 2011 our UMI Montessori School cooperates with VIVID Onderwijs in implementation of educational innovations and organizing Montessori Trainings in Ukraine

We are official coordinators of VIVID Onderwijs in Ukraine

Montessori Institute Dortmund

Montessori Institute Dortmund (Germany) is an AMI certified Training Center that works under 0-3 AMI program (Assistants to Infancy). Vanessa Fichtl (founder of Montessori Institute Dortmund) held at our school a practical workshop on 0-3 issues

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nido (Germany) is a Montessori Kindergarten and Preschool that fully meets AMI standards. In 2017 we visited nido kindergarten for observations and received many practical insights


Her Equality Rights and Autonomy (HERA) United Kingdom

We share HERA’s desire to help young women and assist victims of human trafficking. In 2015, we launched our cooperation with the HERA and won our first grant for the purchase of expensive Montessori materials in Austria. In 2016, we won another grant

Bells Hera 4

Montessori-Piter (Russia)

Since 2009 we help to distribute the Montessori materials produced by Montessori-Piter

Montessori Piter 2


logo VAMU

Ukrainian Association of Montessori Teachers (UAMT) was founded in 1997. Our school became an official member of UAMT in 2010 and since then we take an active part in association’s events.

Participants of the International conference “Montessori Pedagogy: Education for Life” (13-14 October 2017) have an opportunity to visit our school and to take part in our master class:

Some practical matters of observation in accordance with the Dutch Montessori Teacher Training by Vivid Onderwijs under auspices of the Dutch Montessori Association

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National Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov (NPU)

Since 2013, we invite students of the NPU to become familiar with alternative methods of learning, and we provide lectures on Montessori system. Also in 2015, we launched the 3-week internship program for university students. We are proud of our cooperation with the representatives of the Correctional Pedagogy and Psychology Faculty of the NPU

Dragomanov students 2
Dragomanov students 1 (2)

Primavera – correction center

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Pustunchyk – website for children (games, cartoons and much more)

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